About us

Who are we?

Mattresschooser.com is a mattress comparison website which aims to make the process of choosing a new mattress easy and hassle free. We search mattresses from different retailers to provide you with a wide range of products. We analyse the products we receive and draw comparisons with other products that are similar. Our comparison engine will allow you to do a side-by-side comparison of available mattresses.

We also run mattresschooser.co.uk which is a UK version of this website. The mattresses we compare differ between regions, for example; Our UK site offer comparisons of Simba, Eve, Bruno, Sleeping Duck and Otty, our US site offer comparisons of Purple, Ghostbed, Helix and Casper.

How are we funded?

As with most websites we require funding to keep providing our comparison services. However unlike some other mattress review and comparison websites we aim to remain impartial and provide you with the facts, rather than opinions. So where do we get our funding from? We have a couple of ways that we make money, these are mentioned below.

We aim to be as open and honest about our platform, retailers and products as possible. While we can't divulge all the details about how our ranking and classification algorithms work we will where possible disclose when a recommendation is for a commercial reason.

How do we get our products?

We use affiliate networks to provide us with a list of mattress products from various retailers such as; Amazon and eBay... Once you use our website or app to choose a mattress you will be redirected to the retailers website. We may receive a commission from the retailer for sending you to their website (normally only applies once a purchase is made).

How can you get in touch?

You can get in touch with us using our email address: or via twitter @mattressChooser

Do we use cookies?

Yes! Cookies are used to help us with our product comparison and visitor tracking (Google Analytics). Click here to read about Google Analytics use of cookies.